Hello Visitor ! Welcome to the Romanian and Hungarian  Coin and Currency Catalogue !

In this moment it's uploaded just the Romanian Coin and Currency (for novice Banknote or paper money) Catalogue. It's coming soon the Hungarian Coin, and after that the Hungarian Paper Money Catalogue. The pictures from the Catalogue are taken or scanned by me, from my collection.

From some of the items presented on pictures I have more pieces. I'm willing to exchange these for other Romanian or Hungarian (Austro-Hungarian) coins or currencies. I would mention here that, if you got coins or currencies for sale I'm interested in buying . Just send me an email (in Romanian, Hungarian or English) to discuss the details. You can also check my Ebay or Yahoo Auctions ! 

The prices are based on my research and this is not an official price catalogue ! It was built in December 1999. 

And now, a few words about the gradation and values from the currency catalogue.

AU - About Uncirculated: It's a virtually perfect banknote, with some minor handling. It may show very slight evidence of bank counting folds at a corner or one light fold through the center, but not both. An AU banknote can not be creased, a crease being a hard fold which has usually "broken" the surface of the note.

VF - Very Fine: An attractive banknote, but with more evidence of handling and wear. It may have minimal dirt or possible color smudging. Paper itself is still relatively crisp and not floppy. There are no tears into the border area, although the edges do show slight wear.

F - Fine: A banknote which shows considerable circulation, with many folds, creases and wrinkling. Paper may show much handling, with minor tears in the border area. Tears may not extend into the design. There will be no center hole because of the excessive folding.

G - Good: A well worn and heavily used banknote. Normal damage from prolonged circulation will include strong multiple folds and creases, stains pinholes and/or staple holes, dirt, discoloration, edge tears, center hole, rounded corners and overall unattractive appearance. No large pieces of the banknote may be missing. Graffiti is commonly seen on banknotes in "G" condition. 


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